Monday, December 13, 2010

Fall Garden Update

This is cabbage sliced thin, sprinkled with sea salt, juice of one lemon, and red pepper flakes massaged with a previous batch of sauerkraut the veggie mix then goes into a jar for fermenting for about 3 weeks until it turns red and sour. Green cabbage gets lighter.

This is some sauerkraut with carrots added to the above ingredients and grape leaves to keep the cabbage crisp while fermenting.

This is a lovely head of cabbage that I made into kraut.

This was a miss... I added kale, garlic, apples, to the basic sauerkraut and it was too strong. This gallon went into the outskirts of my compost pile. Didn't know about the salt, so I figured if salt was a problem, it would first kill some weeds.

Some of the last tomatoes

Bee apartment nearly full.

Beautiful Golden tomatoes, pickles green beans, pickled beets and carrots, garden radish and raddicchio.

A pickles, sauerkraut, garden radish, cabbage.

These dill pickles I added some beets they were good, just a bit pink reddish.

Love those colors...Purple cabbage yumm....

This is my lovely dino kale and chard forest, in my edible landscape.

Mamma bringing in the goods!

My lawn is slowly diminishing. Yay.

I love this tomato, it's called tomango. I haven't seen it anywhere on the internet, but it sure is lovely!

Two great heads.

My pickle crocks.

Making pickles.

Squash was pretty good this year.

A fabuloso orange tomato with L's in it! It was delicous, tasted like mango and cantelope.

Tomango, sauerkraut, radish, red lettuce, a few cherry tomatoes.

These are some beans and cabbage at the giving gardens where I volunteer.

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