Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mason bees started to hatch 3/23/2011

3/27 ~ It's been so cold and wet the bees are just hanging out in the box. I hope they make it.

I made coconut yogurt and fabuloso lemon pickles. They are so good I ate half the jar of lacto fermented key limes.

The coconut yogurt I make with
tapioca flour, rice flour, coconut milk, tapioca pearls and coconut yogurt. They put so many
additives in coconut yogurt and I can make a quart for much less and more healthy.

Some of my mason bees have hatched from their cocoons. The beige smudges on the box prove it. The mason bees make marks all over the box and their new clean houses are ready! I am anxious to see which kind of bee apartment house will be their favorite to use.

The worms just loved their local microbe type fermented compost. There are so many worms, the herd has increased 100 times. My hill has as many worms as my compost pile thanks to this new method. I will more post photos soon. The birds were having a feeding frenzy in the hill and now I know why. There are oddles of worms, nearly a hand full to hand full ratio to compost.