Friday, April 2, 2010

Recent kitchen activity

We made some pickles with carrots, beets and turnips with yogurt whey, water and salt and lemon pickles with black seed, jalepeno, whey and salt. Economical also.

My neighbor kid asked for a carrot for the Easter bunny. He was waiting by the door jumping up down when I brought over this baby carrot from the garden. He put the carrot on the table for the Easter bunny. Cute.

Economical Yogurt maker without elctricity. I usually put mine in the dehydrator, but mamma makes hers without electricity. I like that better. Mamma Samia cooked the milk to just boiling, lowered the heat until it was not super hot and added a mixture of the store bought yogurt mixed with some of the warm milk in a separate bowl than mixed it in the main warm milk pan. We poured the mix in pyrex and put it in a warm water bath and closed the small cooler. 75 cents is much better than the 3 buck yogurt.

This delicious dish was economical also.

Pappa Murphy's cheesy bread sticks used the dipping sauce for the pizza T $2.50, 1 long eggplant sauteed until crispy .50 cents, red pepper 50 cents, 4 large mushrooms 50 cents, olives 10 cents, artichoke hearts 50 cents and red pepper flakes. Under $5.00 and it was fabulous! The eggplant added Egyptian flare.

Our new convection oven. We wanted something to cook just for us to save energy and to save our cheap oven! We don't really bake that much and have already had to replace 2 handles and the oven's service warranty is up this year. It also has a rotisserie so we can make fresh rotisserie chicken without the all the junkie stuff I can't pronounce that some big stores and clubs serve. A bonus is we can move it to the patio or garage when it's hot.

Here is my freezer finally being delivered. I waited quite a few years for this baby. Took a few months to decide if I was going to go manual or frost free due to price. Decided to go with frost free, because who is kidding who? I am never gonna defrost, and my hubby wont either. I hope it's big enough. I am so happy to be able to freeze my greens, tomatoes, grape leaves and berries. Yay!

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