Monday, March 15, 2010

Whats new in the garden

The peppers are happily growing nicely.

Baby Marigolds, saved from the nicer varieties at the gardens.

The baby tomatoes are growing nicely.

A peek in the greenhouse.

This is a lovely Chinese artichoke, or chorogi, or knotroot,artichoke betony, or crosne . I got a few from Chris and we had a nice evening trading plants and green seeds. I am very excited to grow these and cook them!

They look like spiral shells to me.

By my finger is a red occa tuber. I planted them in my big black pots. A recent trade was very informative and I got some seed variety and new interesting plants. I also received some white occa which also went into a very large tree pot.

Look, I might even get a head off this raddichio, it happened just after the frosts.

New greens hardening off for the ground.

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