Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Seed saving the lazy way

This is how I do germination checks on top of my water heater. Like one time I had very dark tomato seed for a black tomato seed and germination was 100% so I planted em.

This is how I save tomato and melon seed. When I see a nice specimen of tomato and I save the seed in these bags honestly until I feel like it sometime it could be a few days, or a month or so. I write the name on the bag with permanent marker.

After 3 days you the film will easily rinse off. The its best to rinse seed earlier than later, the older the bag the stinkier it gets. I let my seeds dry in here with the plastic bag underneath so I know what variety of seed it is. Then I put it in a little plastic seed pouch, tea bag envelope, or an oragami seed envie.

This is how I organize my seed. I just keep em in the same family so I can find em when I need them.

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